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Identifying Reactivity Hazards in a Multi-Use Facility

Multi-use pilot scale plants often run production campaigns in parallel, requiring frequent changes in the chemistry from campaign to campaign and modified procedures to match the new production needs within a short time span. The facility must also match the client’s product chemistry and process demands with their equipment capabilities.

These campaigns are likely to occur several times a year with considerable overlap of projects. Several basic but important questions arise for the facility manager. For example, how do the facility personnel:

  • Pay adequate attention to all of the safety issues associated with the chemical reactivity?
  • Ensure that the facility’s equipment and the new process chemistry fit together safely?
  • Verify emergency relief and vent sizing, estimate cooling duty needs, and implement the necessary process safety changes?

This presentation introduces a new approach and procedure that assesses each unit’s operation of the batch record, identifies potential hazards, and recommends a methodology to evaluate the nature and extent of the hazard. A user-friendly software tool has been developed and will be compared to the use of other hazard analysis tools in this presentation.

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August 13, 2015 by David Leggett Category: Articles 0 comments