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Risk Management for the Toll Manufacturer

Its Friday afternoon and the phone rings in the Plant Manager’s office of Notlob Chemical Inc (NCI), a well-known contract manufacturing facility. The Premier Chemical Company (PCC) wants Notlob to manufacture 100,000 lbs of their new rat poison within the next six months. Dennis Bloodknock, never being one to pass up a challenge, accepts the campaign and the rush is on. There can be a number of predictable outcomes at this point, ranging from a successful completion to tragic failure. While both endpoints may be obvious, this presentation will describe a sequence of events that will result in a satisfactory end for all concerned.

Contract (Toll) manufacturers (CM), such as NCI, are required to produce chemical products under less than ideal conditions. NCI must move from project to project rapidly learning new chemistry, modify their procedures to match the next client’s needs, match the technology transfer package with NCI’s equipment capabilities, and manufacture the requested material(s) within a short time span. This sequence of events has been repeated at least three times a year by NCI with considerable overlap of projects.

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